Varietal Wines

A selection of Varietal wines: Verdejo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Spanish Albariño wine and Syrah.

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Table wines

Bottled in a wide variety of capacities (Pet, Glass, Jar, Bag in Box). A must have: PERSONALIZED LABEL.

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More spanish wines and liquors

A selection of different spanish wines and aromatized wines. Moscatel, Vermouth, Misa Wine, Ranci (Catalan sweet wine), Spanish Sangria

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We work to offer our customers a wide range of quality products, from excellent and selected wines and by taking care of every single detail in the manufacturing process and through our customer service.


As we know that corporate identity and image is very important for any brand we offer the option of personalizing every label if required, by printing the logo or making the whole label design.


As important part of our comercial process we bring the most carfeully attention to our clients, taking care of their real needs and wants in orther to provide the cleanest customer service and post-sales customer satisfaction.


Our aim is to carry on with our family tradition and provide quality wine to every table.

That's why we make a selection of good quality wines and bottle them in different formats in order to fulfil our clients needs and wants.

As part of our added values we offer the possibility of personalizing labels so, our customers may have their own bottled wine.

Table wines